Why do whales beach themselves yahoo dating

Why do whales beach themselves yahoo dating

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  • Cetacean stranding, commonly known as beaching, is a phenomenon in which...
  • Whales have been stranding themselves on beaches all over the world We have engravings and...
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Pilot Whales Dead In Horrific Mass Beaching As Rescuers Rush To Save Those Still Alive

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Why do whales seashore themselves yahoo dating.

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    Tragic images have emerged showing at least short-finned pilot whales dead on a western Australian beach, as a mass beaching left the shoreline littered with giant carcasses.


    Cetacean stranding , commonly known as beaching , is a phenomenon in which whales and dolphins strand themselves on land, usually on a beach.

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    On Sunday morning, scientists and volunteers struggled to get some of the 55 false killer whales that washed up on a beach near Cape Town, South Africa, back into the frigid water.